A Letter On Why I will Get My Child A Phone.

A Letter On Why I will Get My Child A Phone.

If you tell me you need a phone as you go into daycare or preschool. I will get you one. I know what everyone is thinking already. Why? I’ll tell you why.

At 16 we had two bomb threats in a span of a week at my school. The first day my phone had been taken away by my father the night before for not finishing the dishes. The second day I had it charging in the office and wasn’t allowed to get it before being taken into the “secure” location. I was terrified what if I had been killed what if I couldn’t tell my dad good bye. What if I couldn’t say one last I love you?

With the recent increase in shootings and bombings. If my child tells me they need a phone. I will get it. Because of the notes scrawled out in red crayons by little kids telling there parents of how much they love them. Telling them goodbye. In that red crayon. The notes that would probably have dried tears on them. For the little kids who take pens and markers writing the I love you moms. I love you dads. On their bodies in case they could never live to say it again.

So I will buy my baby a phone. No it might not have 5G data or be capable of playing Angry Birds or watching YouTube. But they can call me when they are scared so I can tell them how loved they are and so they know no matter what they can always say the I love you they need.


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